Recycled Oil Deliveries

Purchasing and Delivery of Recycled Oils

Our oil is available for purchase in various volumes:

200 litre drum, liquid oil or tallow

1000 litre IBC liquid oil

8000 litre bulk delivery, liquid oil only, to suitable storage facilities, or

Via bulk tanker of up to 40000 litres, liquid oil only.

All our oils and tallows have be processed according to the National Standard for Recycling of Used Cooking Fats and Oils Intended for Animal Feeds.

Adelaide and Statewide Tallow are members of the Australian Renderers Association and hold an ARA Accreditation. ARA #12

Contact us for current prices, delivery options and availability on 0419 854 656.

From little things, big things grow!

Call us today for prices and information 0419 854 656

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